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Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream Anti Wrinkle and Whitening

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Kcos Lee 2017-09-14

Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream Anti Wrinkle and Whitening



Isiloe Premium Tone-Up Cream was personally recommended to me by BeautyKorea-Dubai‘s CEO Mr. Hwang and together with Ms. Ley, they explained in a detailed manner how it works and what are the ingredients so got so keen to give it a shot.




I also did some research in the internet and it’ll be boring if I will include everything that I’ve read so let me explain it in the easiest way I can.

Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream can be used after your skincare routine and you can apply this as a make-up base. It has a whitening function so continuous use will result to a brighter skin.


Mr. Hwang explained that using this after your make-up will surely give you an instant whitening effect BUT after you remove it, it’s done wherein if you put this as a base when the skin is still bare, it will fully absorb the product and as a result, it will give you a brighter skin.

Isiloe’s ingredients promotes healthy skin, lessen wrinkles and gives elasticity. It also activates skin whitening which makes the skin clear.

It is a watery type of tone up cream though it says cream and when you initially apply it, it can be very white on the skin so you need to let it dry for a few minutes and you’ll see how it sets on your face.

I also like the fact how light weight it is on my face. It feels like I don’t have any make-up on. The weather here is sultry and it can really be irritating to have your make-up but using this tone up cream makes me feel like my make-up is still looking fab despite of the weather.

Photos were taken with a light in the room and without a flash.

Without Isiloe Tone-up Cream                                                                      With Isiloe Tone-up Cream


With Isiloe Tone-up Cream and a Camera Flash

My skin isn’t that perfect so I really need something like this in my life. It’s like a primer but will give you results beyond what you can get from a primer.

With Isiloe and Karadium Essence Cover


I  used Karadium Essence Cover Foundation Pact SPF30 PA++ in Natural Beige with Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream and it looks amazing. It blended well as initially I thought it’ll be cakey. It also gave me a full coverage that I wasn’t expecting at first and this Essence Cover do not build up which I love the most. It also get rid the redness on my face.

With Isiloe and Karadium Real Cushion


I used Karadium Real Cushion in Natural Beige as well and I am satisfied. It attained the dewy look I am always been wanting to try. The redness on my face has been fully covered as well. My skin got smoother and brighter after the application and even I just put a little amount of cushion it still looks amazing.

Final Verdict:

Compared to Real Cushion, I might use this tone up cream with this Karadium Essence Cover as I really loved it. It gave me a mannequin-like skin. I swear. It became that smoother and clearer.

Check my video below for Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream application.

Check my video below for Isiloe Premium Tone Up Cream application with Karadium Essence Cover and Karadium Real Cushion



We aren’t professionals in skin care and make-ups or in any other way and we are just ordinary people trying to share our experience and always remember that results may vary. If you are relying on any information in our blog, it’s at your own risk. 

Please see my Disclaimer for more details.

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