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Karadium Snail repair Sun cream review

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Kcos Lee 2017-09-25

Karadium UV Protection Makeup Base SPF 50+ PA+++ Anti Wrinkle and Whitening


Aside from the Isiloe Tone Up Cream I got, Beauty Korea Dubai generously gave this to me as well to try and compare with Isiloe.


Basically, the goal is to know which one will suit my face and my needs.

I initially liked Karadium’s as it has SPF. I mean it’s not always that we are indoors and at some point of our time in the day, we have to go out and be exposed in the sun.

We all know that sun exposure is not that good for our skin as it may cause a lot of skin problems like aging, wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone and worst, skin cancer so better to have a protection.

Well I am not saying that this is all that you’ll need to protect your skin from damage but at least you’ll get some protection when you use stuff like this with SPF.


Make-up base with SPF is pretty interesting for me as I wonder would it really do some wonders on my skin?

Karadium UV Protection Makeup Base SPF 50+ PA+++  has brightening + Anti Wrinkle + UV Protection. It contains snail mucin which helps in skin revitalization and rejuvenation. Excellent protection against harmful UV rays and contains skin whitening properties and helps prevent wrinkles. Oil free and an excellent combination with make-up base to correct skin tone. 

The first time I tried it on my face, well, honestly speaking I did not like it, it did not match my skin maybe or the weather at that specific day was awful.

It felt so heavy on the face and I had oily face all day as I put too much as I got used to using Isiloe that way. It did not blend well with Karadium Essence Cover and I also used 2 moisturizers that day.

The second time I tried it, surprisingly, it went well so I blamed the weather. LOL

I like the fact that it has SPF though it did not brighten my face like Isiloe does. I also tried it on my cousin’s face. Both photos are taken without a flash just with a light in the room.

Without Karadium make-up base

With Karadium make-up base

With Karadium make-up base and essence cover

With Karadium make-up base and real cushion

With Karadium make-up base and essence cover

With Karadium make-up base and real cushion

Third time I tried it, I only used Catalina Geo Anti Melanin Smoothing Cream and applied a very thin layer on my face. It’s way better and I liked it. It made my skin moist all day and Karadium Essence Cover looks better now on it.

Final Verdict:

It’s okay to use this during summer as long as you apply a VERY thin layer on your face and in the morning, just apply the lightest moistrurizer you have to avoid heavy weight feeling of this make-up base.

By the way, when I say summer, I mean SUMMER IN THE UAE and not your usual summer. Temperature here can hit up to 50ish and that’s the summer I am talking about, absolutely sultry and dry. Just adjust the amount you put accordingly.

This make-up base also tones up my skin so basically this is a good pick as it has SPF and can brightens skin.

I also love how it stays on your face whole day. There’s a bit of stickiness but I swear it is tolerable even in 40ish kind of weather.

Unfortunately, I suddenly had breakouts which I normally don’t have after using this for 7 days. I always remove my make-up at the end of the day and do my normal skin care routine but yeah, I had those 2 massive pimples on my face.

I am not a Pro in skin care and cannot really justify that it’s the cause of my breakouts but this is the only thing I changed in the normal stuff I use everyday. I am not sure if this is the thing to blame, as it can also be the weather but just want to share that too as a heads up.

If you’re gonna ask me which one I prefer to use between Isiloe and Karadium, I’ll choose Isiloe Premium Tone-up cream as it really made my skin looks good. It isn’t heavy on the face and I like the moisture it gives me.

Anyhow, will try to use this in winter and will update the blog again. Cheers! x

Credit to owner: Kcos Lee / www.getlovelee.com

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